Ever wondered what happens after you die?
Is there LIFE after DEATH?
Explain Near Death Experiences?
Are ghosts real?
Can science give us the answers?
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What's it all ABOUT?

Since the dawn of humanity, concern about our own mortality and the experience of death has been culturally universal, and while practises and attitudes vary considerably, the fact that mankind has always had an awareness of the significance of death cannot be ignored.

This in-depth and thought provoking documentary will explore the wide range of social and cultural beliefs, practises and traditions surrounding not only death, but more importantly life after death in an attempt to uncover more about human nature, our subconscious desire for immortality and ultimately seek an answer to the question:



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Professor Rupert Sheldrake

Biologist, Author and Researcher

Alfred Rupert Sheldrake is an English author, and researcher in the field of parapsychology, who developed the concept of "morphic resonance".

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Toyah Willcox

Singer, Actress and TV Presenter

Toyah Ann Willcox is an English singer and actress with interest in and personal experience of the paranormal.

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Professor Yujin Nagasawa

Professor of Philosophy Birmingham University

Yujin Nagasawa is a British philosopher specialising in the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of mind and applied philosophy.

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Rev Ian Spencer

Anglican Priest

Former Curate at Great Malvern Priory and Warden of Holland House Christian Retreat in Pershore.

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Professor Barry Fuller

Professor of Surgical Sciences University College London Medical School

Professor of Surgical Sciences and Low Temperature Medicine in UCL Medical School based at the Royal Free Hospital in North London.

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Dr Penny Sartori

Medical Researcher - Near Death Experiences Swansea University

Dr Penny Sartori is a British medical researcher in the field of near-death studies.

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Marianne Rankin

Director of the Alister Hardy Trust

Marianne is affiliated to the Religious Experience Research Centre at the University of Wales and is a regular lecturer and writer on the subject of spirituality and life after death.

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Tim Gibson

Head of Cryonics UK

Cryonics UK is an organisation directly involved in the physical preservation of its members post death using the latest medical techniques.

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